At Briar Common, we’re committed to brewing balanced and drinkable beer. We focus our efforts on American and Belgian styles, while experimenting with lagers and sours.


Greg Dawson

Greg’s love affair with beer reached new heights nearly 10 years ago when he brewed his first batch on the stove-top of his small Korean apartment. After 11 years living in Seoul, he joined Kent in Denver in 2013 to start-up Briar Common. As a Certified Cicerone® and a BJCP judge, Greg continues to learn and love everything about our favorite beverage.

Limited Edition Beer


Style: Imperial Stout with Blackberries

Returning Wednesday 10/3

Rich dark chocolate with roasted coffee and subtle blackberry aromas. Medium body beer with a dry crisp finish.

2-row, roasted barley, cascade hops, Oregon blackberries

9% abv



Style: Raspberry Honey Blonde

14ºP, 30 ibu, 7 srm

6.0% abv


Style: Hazy IPA

Grapefruit juice centered, citrusy hazy IPA

15ºP, 40 ibu, 8 srm

7.5% abv


Style: Kettle Sour ‘KimChi Ale’

Bright Asian pear with just enough heat to create an addiction.

American 2 row, lactobacillus

12ºP, 0 ibu, 8 srm

5.5% abv


Style: IPA

Orange peel, pine, and floral.

American 2 row, Colorado CTZ hops

16ºP, 100 ibu, 5 srm

7.0% abv


Style: American Pale Ale

Graham cracker, clover honey, and grapefruit aromas.

MCI ale malt; Cascade, Columbus hops.

12.5°P, 50 ibu, 10 srm,
5.5% abv


Style: Session IPA

Crisp grapefruit peel with sticky pine secondary notes.

American 2 row, Chinook hops.

12.5°P, 60 ibu, 5 srm,
5.0% abv


Style: American Porter

Burnt toffee, bitter chocolate, dark roast coffee and mint aromas.

American 2 row, Crystal 120, Chocolate and Carafa III malts; Galena and Cascade hops.

15°P, 40 ibu, 31 srm,
6% abv


Style: Belgian Dubbel

Dark amber in color, with prune, blackberry and floral aromas.

Castle Pilsner, Munich, Vienna, Carafa III malts; Galena, Hersbrucker and Saaz hops.

16.5ºP, 33 ibu, 14 srm,
7.5% abv


Style: Belgian Tripel

Honey crisp apple, wonder bread and white pepper aroma.

Castle Pilsner malt, Dextrose, Hallertau hops

18°P, 30 ibu, 5 srm,
9.0% abv

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