At Briar Common, we cater to serve you the best brunch, lunch, happy hour and dinner in Denver. Our food menu has its genesis from the beer. Several plates were designed to create a wonderful pairing with each of the beers. We hope the menu items will be enjoyed on their own, but be even better when paired with their sourced beer.

We’re located in the beautiful Jefferson Park neighborhood less than a quarter mile from Mile High Stadium. During Broncos games, major concerts, and other events at the stadium we’ll use our Game Day Menus. These are scaled down versions of our normal menus, with all our best options, to ensure speedy and delicious service.

Chef Jeff Stone

Upon graduation from the school of Hotel/Restaurant Management at Georgia Southern University, Jeff made his way north to Atlanta to learn the art of line cooking. After 5 years of successful cooking around the city, he decided to take his knives overseas to cook, travel, and learn about other cultures. Three years, 33 countries and numerous stages later, Jeff has twice held posts as Executive Chef in top rated restaurants. Additionally, he has toured with artists such as Pentatonix and Imagine Dragons, and worked at Coachella Music Festival for 3 consecutive years catering for musicians and their teams. Jeff considers himself a passionate student of both high-end American cuisine and Rustic Italian cuisine spending the bulk of his career focusing on these two. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and traveling as much as possible.